Flipkart Plus Membership-How To Get Easily

In this fresh blog we know to get an easily a Flipkart plus membership and also talk about, what’s the benefit to become a plus member of Flipkart and how to take it easy.

Flipkart Plus membership is a great program for Flipkart. With the help of Flipkart membership, you will get exciting benefits and offers. Lots of users will take a part in the program and many users not take it.

This blog helps those users who will not take a part in Flipkart membership and miss a lot of exciting offers and benefits.

Flipkart membership is an ultimate reward program for Flipkart users that provided by Flipkart.

In this blog, you will know about some methods and tips for taking a Flipkart membership and how to take it easily by following some simple steps.


Benefits of Flipkart Plus Membership


If you become a Flipkart Plus member you will get amazing offers and benefits. Plus members will get extra benefits and offers than a normal customer.

Become a Flipkart plus membership and enjoy these exciting benefits-

  • Plus membership users will get a Free and Fast delivery
  • You can easily Early access to sales
  • Earn coins and exchange for rewards
  • You will get a superior customer support
  • Earn a super coin for every shopping

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How You Can Join Flipkart Plus Membership


flipkart plus


  • Shop and earn 200 super coins in the last 12 months
  • Join plus membership
  • You can join the plus membership by simple clicking through this link- Join Membership
  • No coin will be taken for Flipkart membership

How You Can Earn a Super coins


  • For Every 100 Rs spent on a Flipkart order, the Plus member earns 4 super coins and the non-plus member earns 2 super coins.
  • Plus member Earn a maximum of 100 super coins per order.
  • non-plus members earn a maximum of 50 super coins per order.
  • Coins will be credited to your account after the completion of all the items in the order.
  • Every Plus coin is converted to 10 super coin

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Do super coin will be expired




Super coins will expire after 1 year at the end of the month in which they were credited. hence all super coins credited in a month will expire at the end of the month next year.


Flipkart membership for students and its process


Flipkart has made it’s Plus membership free. The online Ecomerce has introduced student offers for plus membership. With the Flipkart Plus Student offer, get a one-year membership for free. You need to upload a valid college ID to avail of student offer on Flipkart.

In Flipkart With the Student offer, you don’t need to earn 200 Supecoins to become a Flipkart Plus member. You simply have to upload your college ID proof to get one-year of Flipkart Plus for free.

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Once your ID is verified, your membership will be activated and you can avail all the premium benefits for free. If you are not eligible for the offer, you need to earn Flipkart Supercoins to get plus membership.



  • Open Flipkart App from here

  • Login or create a new account

  • Click on Explore plus

  • You will see Flipkart Plus student offer banner

  • Click on Join Now

  • Upload your college ID

  • You will receive a confirmation when your id is verified





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