How To Do Keyword Research For Blog

Today we talk about the topic that is keyword research and how to do keyword research for our blog. whenever you write an SEO-friendly blog or articles, first you research your keyword.

If you have not a proper keyword, you can not easily rank your post on the internet. if you want to rank your post first you research keyword.

In this blog, you know about keyword research and how it is important for blog and SEO.



What is Keyword


The keyword is any search term entered on Google (or another search engine) that has a results page where websites are listed.

Keywords are search terms that will use to optimize a website or blog for hopes of ranking at the top of Google’s results for specific keywords.


How To Do Keyword Research For Blog


Anything you will search on google or any search engine, that is a keyword.

The keyword is very important for Websites or Blogs for ranking on Google results.

Example In the above image laptop is searched the term laptop is a Keyword.


Qualities of a Keyword


The main qualities of a keyword include

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • Price (cost per click)
  • Word count
  • Intent


What Is Keyword Research


The analysis of any keyword is known as keyword research. Keyword research is an important term in the field of blogging.

For example, we want to write a post on “Flipkart Plus Membership”, first we check monthly traffic on this keyword and what is the difficulty for rank your post on this keyword. if your blog is new you should always choose ‘low competition’ and ‘long-tail keyword’.

For watching a search volume and competition you can use google keyword planner otherwise you can use many types of keyword planner tools that are available on the internet.

After analyzing this you can write an SEO-friendly blog post.


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How to do keyword research


Whenever you do keyword research, the big problem is to find a keyword without keyword we cant research keyword. if we have not a keyword, in which we can research.

In this post, I will suggest to you the best way to find a keyword and research it for your blog.


Google Trends


google trend is the best way to find a trending topic. if you will work to rank a post on any targeted country this is the best thing to do with google trends.

It helps to rank your post on the targeted country.

if you want to rank any post in India or the United States, you can use google trends. in google trends, you can find a trending keyword or topics that will rank.

In google trends, we can watch daily search trends and real-time search volumes. we can also select a category option on this.

It also helps you to find a keyword and related keyword to your topics. It is also helpful for niches topics.


Using Quora


We talk about quora, everyone knows about quora this is a question-answer asking site. Quora is a good source for finding a topic or keyword for a blog.

If you will use you can easily get many ideas that are asking by the audience.

Those keywords in which volume is 100 to 100k and competition is low, you can write on this topic.


Read Comments


Read comments is another way to find a keyword for your blog. You can also take ideas from comment reading from your blog or another blog.

Because many people share his problem in the comment section and they cal also search it on google but many people will not be careful about this so their search volume and competition are low.

If you will look at the problems in the comment section and write a blog on it and optimize your blog you can easily rank on the 1st page of google.


News Reading


News reading is the best way of improving knowledge. It helps us in two ways.

If you read a piece of news related to your blog category you can find a related keyword that you will use to write a blog on it.

Regular news reading is the best way to improving knowledge and enhance our reading skills and find a keyword and also generates ideas from it.


Above are the best ways to find a keyword and ideas for your blog. I hope you can understand this topic and share it with your friends and your groups.


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